Dern Rookies

2009-03-10 19:33:27 by TaerkEX

I may be a rookie around here, but I know what people mean by "quality". Just kinda funky that these guys around here are using the "first flash" excuse to submit this crap on Newgrounds.

Just because it's your first flash, doesn't mean you have to upload it!

Oh, right. That's why I'm here. *cough*

Alright, concept #4 coming up, before #3 is done.

My New Intro

2009-03-07 21:19:08 by TaerkEX

Made myself a new intro, which will be shown on my next flash. Designed my own logo for it. Look forward to the next flash!

Here's the full version, it's a PNG and it's high quality..

My New Intro

Stalking Fanfare

2009-03-07 14:59:19 by TaerkEX

"Am I failing at life? Or am I being victorious at everything I do?"

Description: What would life be like if you were being followed by the Final Fantasy Victory Fanfare? Let's find out.

I'll be working on this for the next few days. I guess it'll be finished by the date below. Just wait for it to show up on Newgrounds!

Est. release: 3/20/09

Stalking Fanfare


2009-03-04 16:21:42 by TaerkEX

I just changed stuff in my profile.

Added an avatar, a profile header, main picture, and "published" my first flash.

I guess I better get working to make myself look good on this webite!